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*Credit card info on the booking page is only required by the booking system for verification but you will NOT be charged. (you can input random cvv #)

Management & staff will not have access to credit card info. 

You still need to send payment after booking to confirm, please check your email (inbox/spam) after booking for the payment options. Please pay for your booking within 24hours to keep the reservation.

Current payment methods: GCash, BPI, BDO, & Unionbank.

**If you do not have a credit card, kindly check the website for dates & rates then send us a message on fb/instagram/email instead with your details to book.

Maximum of 4pax per room (3year old or younger not included in the count)

Available dates will not show up as available if you put more than 4pax per room.

Booking a photoshoot session? Message us to inquire about photoshoot rates.

- 5000 per room refundable security deposit must be settled upon check in.

If cash/gcash, refund right after check out if no damages/purchases. For bank transfer, refund within 24hours after check out. -


below before booking.

Booking a room and sending payment to us means that you have read, understood and agree to abide by our HOUSE RULES and CANCELLATION POLICY. If you need clarification, kindly message us first before booking.

Please read.jpg
House Rules

- Check in 2pm onwards, check out strictly at 12pm.

(unless late check out has been approved, depends on availability)

- Strictly no pets allowed. Management has the right to kick out guests who sneak in pets. No refunds and security deposit will be forfeited.

- Strict quiet time 9:30pm-7:00am at the common areas and inside the rooms, we want to preserve the serene ambiance of the villa. Lights out at the common areas 9:30pm onwards.

- Strictly no cooking allowed. Even if all rooms rented by 1 group, please do not leave clutter around.

- No outside food & drinks at the common areas during restaurant hours (currently 7am-9pm, last order 8pm). Dining areas are used by the restaurant when they are open, please do not leave your things around this area.

- No parties within the premises unless hosted by Curbside Villa. Even if all rooms rented by 1 group.

- Please avoid making loud noises and playing music/videos within the premises. Especially at the common areas and private patios. We are a peaceful villa. Please limit your volume even inside the rooms.

- No smoking, vaping, drugs, firearms, and/or weapons allowed within the premises. (including inside the rooms)

*this will automatically forfeit your security deposit.

- Guests are required to show id upon check-in. Kindly declare all guests staying in the villa upon booking, for revisions, you can message us.

- Outside guests are not allowed inside the rooms. We have a designated waiting area and common areas. Strictly no outside guests allowed after 9pm.


- No bringing of stylists/photographer unless photoshoot rates are availed.

- Please don’t feed the fish. You may ask staff for fish feeding schedule. Do not throw rocks or hurt the fish.

- Please do not cut, sit on, destroy the plants within the premises.

- Please do not bring the outside furniture inside your rooms.

- Please do not litter, we have trash bins around the premises and the parking lot.


- Wooden gate is closed by 9pm but just beep once so we can open it for you. No curfew.

- Please avoid running around and control your kids. Be careful when the floor is wet, it might be slippery. Please be responsible for your own safety and your family/friends.

Management & staff are not liable for any injuries, loss of items, accidents, and/or death within the premises. 


Management & staff has the right to kick out those who refuse to follow our house rules, unruly, and/or undeclared guests.  (If declared guests are 1-2pax, additional person/s will be charged 1k/night per person BUT max of 4pax per room. Undeclared guests that exceeds 4pax/room capacity will be kicked out.)

Penalties will be deducted from the security deposit for those who do not abide by our house rules. Management reserves the right to charge penalties for any damage and security deposit will be forfeited if rules are not followed.

By visiting us, booking with us, and/or sending payment, it means that you agree to our house rules and cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy
  • NO refunds/rebooking/discounts for no shows, late check in, early check out.

For rebooking, please message us on instagram/facebook or email - please wait for our reply within 24-48hours.

  • If covid positive, rebooking is allowed. We would need a government id and recent LAB TEST results of the guest to waive the rebooking fee.


  • For typhoon Signal#2 and up at URBIZTONDO, San Juan, La Union. We can allow rebooking for free.


  • For any other reasons, we charge 1k per room for rebooking IF you inform us AT LEAST 7 days before your check in date. Please message us.

*for bookings less than 7 days away, please note that the booking CANNOT be refunded/rebooked unless the reason is mentioned above, other serious reasons: please message us. Full payment will be forfeited. (100% of the room charge)

*for bookings AT LEAST 7 days away, rebooking fee is 1000pesos. If you insist on a refund, cancellation fee is 50% of the booking amount.

**for bookings AT LEAST 30 days away, free rebooking or cancellation with full refund is allowed.


For cancellation refunds, kindly send us your gcash/bank details and give us up to 24-48hours to reply.

Management has sole discretion if refund/rebooking is allowed for cases not mentioned above. Please message us.

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